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The project is led by a multidisciplinary team composed of 5 researchers and 3 junior researchers fellows. The small size of the team and its commitment to the project support the option for an informal organizational methodology, involving members in all stages of the project and dispensing with a specific functional organization chart.

Sérgio Barreto 

Adjunct Professor at the University of Aveiro - Coordinator

PhD in Industrial Management and Master in Statistics and Operations Research, he teaches at the University of Aveiro. Location, Distribution and Logistics have been at the heart of his scientific research. He was a member of the CIO (FCUL) and integrates the GOVCOPP (UA). He was a member of the UA Scientific Council. It integrates the Observatory of the Socio-professional Path of UA Graduates and CIMAD. He is deputy director of the degree in Marketing.

Alexandra Polido 

Junior Researcher at the University of Aveiro

Researcher at the Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies (GOVCOPP), University of Aveiro. PhD in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, she is currently coordinator of the POWERinEA and ENVISION projects. He is a member of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Postdoctoral Academy for Transformational Leadership (2021-2023). He focuses his research on environmental policies for the sustainable transformation of urban systems. It is funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) through CEECIND/01400/2017.

Daniel Colares

Research fellow at the University of Aveiro

Daniel has a  Bachelor's degree in Management from the University of Aveiro, and is currently completing a Master's in Accounting at the same institution. Alongside his studies, he is investigating the impact of European funds on sustainable development in Portugal as a research fellow.

Gilberto de Carvalho Fernandes 

Invited Adjunct Professor at the University of Aveiro

Holds the title of Specialist in the field of Accounting, specializing in “Taxation. Master in Accounting and Auditing (UA) and Master in Communication Sciences (UAL). Postgraduate in European Studies (UC). Develops accounting, tax and management consultancy activities in small and medium-sized companies and monitors, as a consultant, a significant number of entities in the non-profit sector. As an entrepreneur, consultant or administrator, he has been following projects, especially in the areas of innovation, which involve co-financing from European Funds.

Hugo de Almeida

Junior Researcher at the University of Aveiro

Hugo de Almeida obtained a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Psychology in the field of cognitive neurosciences. He is currently a researcher at the University of Aveiro-Cimad. The main areas of research are Consumer Neuroscience, Visual attention, Psychological time, Behavioral genetics and  Sustainability. In his liaison with industry, he has twenty-seven years of experience as executive director of various industries in the field of technology and science, and in liaising Industry with Universities and the market.

Mariana Bravo Madeira

Research fellow at the University of Aveiro

Currently, she attends the Regional and Urban Planning course, she has a master's degree in Public Administration and Management (specialized section of Local Government) and she has a degree in Economics from the University of Aveiro. Her work has focused on assessing sustainable development through indicators, particularly within government contexts.

Rita Amaral Santos 

Research fellow at the University of Aveiro

Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and Public Policies from the University of Aveiro, with a Master's degree in Accounting specialized in Auditing. The interest in building management tools and decision support arose during the development of the master's project on Benchmarking. She continuously seeks to expand her knowledge and contribute to initiatives that promote sustainable development and the efficiency of processes and resources.

Sara Moreno Pires

Assistant Professor at the University of Aveiro

PhD in Sciences Applied to the Environment, Master in Development and Planning and Degree in Economics, she is currently executive director of Casa Comum da Humanidade and scientific coordinator of the Ecological Footprint project of Portuguese Municipalities. He focuses his research on urban sustainability policies, territorial innovation and governance. It collaborates with numerous networks and research projects, with City Councils, NGOs and companies.

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